Study at the Brescia Conservatory (no Erasmus)

Contacts:  Claudio Marini

Welcome at the Brescia Conservatory!
This page is for the no-Erasmus international students that want to study at the Conservatory.
The Brescia Conservatory offers four kind of courses and school levels.

Pre-baccalaureate Course
A program for the students who do not yet have the pre-requisites necessary for an Undergraduate University Degree Program or a Master Program and want to prepare themselves for the admission to the Undergraduate Degree Program. The length of the courses  varies, according to the individual needs. Admission depends on the results of an aptitude test for music, or an audition. Go

Three-year Undergraduate Degree
In addition to their individual lessons, all students are required to take classes in music theory and analysis, ear training, music history, piano, choir training, along with technology and specific literature for one’s instrument, training in chamber music, in ensemble, and in various orchestral formations.  Further studies include music business management and the repertoire of a related instrument. Courses in acoustics, music software, training on healthy performance practice and body awareness, the study of a European language are also required. The degree program aims to qualify the students for employment as soloists and in all orchestral and chamber. Go

Two–year Master Program
The Master Program is dedicated to the formation of professional musicians with a wide range of skills in all of the various areas of musical specialization, from composition to the use of new technologies applied to music. Today’s cultural panorama demands the musicians to have the highest standard of education if they want to play a role in the new marketplace; they must be highly specialized and versatile at the same time in order to be successful in today’s ever-changing musical world. Go

One Year Non-accademic Course
Along with the study of instrumental techniques and repertoire, students are free to attend all courses and Labs offered in the Degree Programs.  They will not participate in exams, but will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.  Go



Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Horn

Choral Music and Conducting

Department of Early Music studies:
Renaissance and Baroque Vocal, Baroque Violin, Baroque Cello, Viola da
Gamba, Harpsichord and Historical Keyboards, Organ, Horn


Jazz instruments and Composition

Orchestral Conducting





Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double-bass

Woods: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon