Choral Music and Conducting

Pre-baccalaureate Course .
A program for those who do not yet possess the pre-requisites necessary for an Undergraduate University Degree Program or a Master Program. The length of the program varies, according to the individual needs of each student. Along with the necessary basics of harmony, choral conducting and vocal technique, piano and organ accompaniment are fundamental to the preparation of future choral conductors. It should be underlined that great importance is given to the acquisition of a thorough preparation for the study of vocal practices, choral conducting and the accompaniment of choral groups at the piano or the organ. More information.

Three-year Undergraduate Degree
Requirements of the course include the following theoretical/analytical/practical disciplines:  theory, rhythm and perception of music, history of music and of poetry for music, and choral rehearsing. Although basics, these courses take on a special significance for choral conductors, in particular poetry for music and choral rehearsing.
Courses specific to the discipline include choral composition, choral conducting and score reading.  Choral conducting is studied for the three years, and the other subjects for two.
Additional courses are dedicated to the acquisition of a profound knowledge of the voice and vocal techniques, and the use of the voice in the various styles and repertoires.
Other disciplines include subjects pertinent to modern music studies: acoustics, computer techniques, and body awareness (particularly important for the choral conductor’s capacity to express and to inspire expressiveness in choral singers.)
Students are encouraged to choose electives which are most practically applicable towards present and future career choices (liturgical, folk, ancient, contemporary music, musical theater, and operatic-symphonic repertoire).
The three-year undergraduate program prepares students for possible careers as conductors of choirs, chorales, chamber music groups symphonic vocal groups, and musical theater groups. More information.

Two–year Master Program
Basics of the course are dedicated to the acquisition of a profound musical culture, with particular emphasis on musical theater.
Courses specific to the discipline are pertinent to the preparation of the future conductor or composer of choral music for a professional career and include repertoires which require the participation of single or numerous instrumentalists or vocalists. Participants may also explore new sectors such as multi-media.
Students are encouraged to choose electives which are most practically applicable towards present and future career choices; possibilities range from Gregorian chant to ancient music, from musical theater to the use of texts in choral composition, from ethnomusicology to music management.
The Master Program prepares students for careers as Choral Conductors in Musical Theater or for Multi-media Productions, Conductors of Early Music or Contemporary Music chamber groups, or Church Choir conductors. More information.

One-year Non-academic Course
Along with the study of vocal technique and repertoire, students are free to attend all courses and labs offered in the Degree Programs.  They will not participate in exams, but will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. More information.